To explain it simply, the Account Owner is kind of like a "super user" who has the ability to oversee the entire account and to manage everything from users, permissions and demos to security, brand settings, and in the future billing.

Basically, it gives one of your team members the ability to manage your Walnut account effectively and securely.

Who could be the Account Owner?

Only one user within the company can be the Account Owner.

By default, the Account Owner would be the first Admin of the company.

What are the main capabilities of the Account Owner?

Currently, the Account Owner controls whoever is joining Walnut. You can learn about this process here.

How can I know who the Account Owner is?

You are able to see under the Company Settings page > Team Management who is

assigned from your company to be the Account Owner.

What is the difference between an Account Owner and an Admin?

The Account Owner has all Admin permissions too. What sets apart the Account Owner from the Admin, is the ability to approve access requests for teammates to join Walnut.

How can I change the Account Owner?

Currently, you won’t be able to change it manually. If you wish to change your Account Owner (which is the first Walnut user as mentioned above), please contact your CSM or our support team, here.

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