The simplest way to make an interactive product walkthrough is by using a no code demo creation platform (cough, cough like Walnut😉). Here’s how you do it:

  • Identify your product’s core value- The goal of a product walkthrough is to get users to the exact moment when they realize the product’s full value (that “Aha! moment”). So, a walkthrough should be designed to enable users to reach this key milestone.

  • Define obstacles- When making an interactive walkthrough, you need to identify and define any obstacles that could prevent a user from having their “Aha! moment”.

  • Employ an engaging design- Interactive walkthroughs need to engage users with meaningful tasks that are given using clear and concise language. Use eye-catching graphics to keep users laser focused on your product.

Analyze walkthrough usage- Use product walkthrough analytics to understand how customers used the product.

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