Want to be on top of your deals? Want to speed up your deals but you’re sure how?

We are happy to share that we are adding the ability to be notified in real-time who is viewing your demo.

Where can you find the feature?

Once a demo was created, you can enable the feature via the “Share” Modal.

How to get a notification?

  1. Go to the demos page.

  2. Find the demo you want to be notified on.

  3. Click on the “Share Demo” button.

  4. Enable the feature by turning the toggle on.

  5. Once someone views your demo - you’ll get an email notification.

Who will be notified?

Once you enable the feature, the demo creator is the one who would receive a notification.

How to turn off the feature?

Simply follow the steps above, instead of turning on - turn off.

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