Pitching excellent demos is all about saying the right words at the right time.

With the new Presenter Notes feature, you no longer need to memorize text in advance before presenting the demo. Pitch to prospects perfectly using notes to avoid missing out on crucial details and key points during the demo.

And if you are a demo creator, by adding notes to a storyline, you’ll be able to share your key points and clarify the narrative you had in mind while building the demo. This is an excellent way to transfer the knowledge you have and to make sure sellers won’t miss any details while presenting.

Where can you find it?

You'll be able to add notes on the Storyline Editor and view the notes while playing the demo.

How to add notes on my storyline?

Oh, that’s super easy. On the top of the Editor’s page, you’ll see a small icon with “Presenter Notes” written. Clicking on this will open a panel at the bottom of the page - this is the place you should add the notes, per screen.

How to view the notes on a demo?

In order to view the notes you added to specific screens on a storyline, you first need to:

  1. Update the demo you are about to present.

  2. After updating the demo, play the demo. You’ll see a top bar with an icon of ‘Presenter Notes’.

  3. Click on the icon and a new tab with the notes will appear.

How to turn off the feature?

Notes cannot be turned off. However, once notes are added to the demo - we are currently adding a toolbar on top of the demo. If that bothers you, you can delete the current notes and they will disappear. Don’t forget to update the demo :)

Happy Demoing!

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