We’ve made it easier than ever to add more access controls to your demo! Check out the below to understand what settings we have and when to use them.

To access all of these settings you’ll need to go to your demo and click the “Share demo” button.

Image showing the share demo button on a demo

Expiration date

Use an expiration date if you don’t want users to have access to the demo forever. For example, if the feature or user flow might change soon.

How to apply it

  1. Toggle it on within the share demo panel - make sure you select a date!

  2. Click “Save and copy link.

Enable an access code

The access code is a great option to use if you want to restrict usage to a very specific set of users that you’ll be reaching out to personally (so you can give them the access code).

How to apply it

  1. Toggle “Enable an access code for your demo”

  2. Save and copy link

  3. Copy the access code and send to the recipient

Block and allow list

The block and allow list is best used when you want to distribute your demo to a wider audience but only want specific email domains to be allowed to access your demo. You can choose to allow certain emails / domains or the inverse, block specific ones. The block list is especially helpful if you want to block competitors.

Note: Email gate needs to be on to use this feature. It will automatically be toggled on if you select “Specific users.”

How to apply it

  1. Select “Specific users” from the dropdown menu

  2. Click “Edit permissions.” Choose whether you want to use the block or allow list (note you can only use one, not both) and add the email addresses or domains.

  3. Go back to the share demo panel and save and copy the link.

No access

If you simply want to turn off all access to the demo you can choose “No access” from the first dropdown menu. This is best if absolutely don’t want anyone to access the demo going forward - if there was an issue with it or outdated information.


  1. Can I turn off the features?

    1. Of course! You can always disable the features if you change your mind. Just toggle them off and remember to save the settings.

  2. Can I use multiple settings in the same demo?

    1. Yes! Other than "No access," which negates the need for any other features

  3. What happens if a user can't access the demo?

    1. They'll see an error message that says "This demo is no longer available."

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