Create an effective communication channel with your prospects and demo visitors by allowing them to leave comments in your demo. Let them raise questions, give feedback, or just express their excitement!

Who can enable the feature?

  • Users who are under the “presenter” role in the system can enable this feature.

  • The person who created the demo

What the Feature Looks Like

The comments feature is very similar to other traditional commenting tools (Google Docs, for example). Once you enable the feature - demo visitors will be able to drop a comment wherever they want throughout the demo. When a new comment is added to the demo - the demo creator will be notified via email about it.

The Best Way to Use the Feature

In order to add comments on your demos, you can simply go to your demo “Share Panel” and enable the feature of “Allow demo visitors to leave a comment on the demo”. Once the toggle is turned on - a new button on the demo itself will appear.

Please note - only the demo creator is being notified about comments activity on the demo, so the best way to use the feature is as follows:

Step by Step guide

  1. Create your own demo from an existing storyline.

  2. Go to the Share Panel of the demo - enable the feature, hit save, and copy the link!

  3. Send the demo link to your prospect. Once he will add the comment - you’ll receive an email notification.

  4. From the email notification - click on the CTA ‘Reply Comment’.

  5. View the comment, reply to the specific question/feedback, and voila! You are chatting with your prospect about the demo :)

How you Turn Off the Feature

In order to turn off the feature, all you need to do is to log in to Walnut, navigate to the specific demo you want to turn off the comments for, click on the “Share panel”, and turn the toggle off (don’t forget to save!).

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Enabling the demo gate for using the comments feature is a must

  2. For the person who created the demo, he will not only see the “comments” button on the demo, but also an “inbox” button. This will allow him to view in an aggregated view all comments he has received.

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