We’ve all asked ourselves questions like how do prospects move through our demo? What’s the most common flow through our product? Which areas of our demo are getting people interested and which are making them drop out? And where do I even pick up from on our next call?

Until now, nobody really knew the answers to these questions. Luckily, the Funnel Analysis feature will give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

Here’s how you use it:

What the feature looks like

The Funnel Analysis feature actually offers a visual flow of how demo visitors click through your demos by tracking the steps before and after they arrive at a particular screen. It combines all your demo interactions in one place, across visitors and sessions. This will help you quickly understand your demos’ flows and engagement discover which areas of the demo are working well and which require further attention.

How to use Funnel Analysis

Step 1: Select a screen

First, select a screen you want to analyze to understand the journey visitors take to and from this screen. Ideally, you would choose the first screen your visitors see in the demo.

Step 2: Choose the length of your flow

Determine the number of screens to include in your flow analysis. This will help you understand the full journey visitors took to and from this screen. By default, you will see the next three screens the user saw after the screen you’ve selected.

Step 3: Filter

Select the relevant time frame you wish to analyze and make sure you are viewing the data of the correct user types (internal vs. external users).

Analyze User Flows

Once you build your first report, you’ll be able to view the main ways your visitors are moving through your demo in a Sankey Diagram. The Sankey Diagram height is proportional to the number of users who visited a specific screen. The height of the lines that connect bars are proportional to the number of users who visited the two screens sequentially.

When viewing the full graph, there are a few important notes to keep in mind:

  1. All the screens are organized in descending order. This means the most visited screen will appear at the top of the Sankey Diagram.

  2. Each node contains the number of visits to the specific screen and the percentage of visitors who moved from the previous screen.

  3. Hovering on each node will allow you to view the relevant screen.

  4. Hovering on the connection of two bars will show you the conversion from the previous screen to the following screen.

Where can I find the Funnel Analysis Feature?

  • Go to the Walnut Demo Library.

  • Click on the Insights section in the menu.

  • Choose the demo you wish to analyze.

  • Then, you’ll have two options:

    • Demo Insights

    • Funnel Analysis

Who can access Funnel Analysis?

Anyone with access to Walnut’s analytics can use this feature.

Why can't I see funnel data?

Check if you shared the demo with others to let them interact with it. Once that happens, the data will start flowing.

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