In some products, there are significant differences in the screen appearance based on the browser resolution. From slight changes to complete change of design, depending on the way the screen was developed.

If that is the case for your product, you can elect to capture multiple resolutions at once for the same screen. These Resolutions will be captured:

  • The original resolution as viewed in the browser

  • 1280px, 800px

  • 1440px, 900px

  • 1680px, 1050px

  • 1920px, 1080px

Before you turn on Multiple resolution capturing, please note:

  • The way multiple resolutions may affect your storyline: When editing a Storyline with multiple resolution screens, make sure that linking the different screens is done with objects that do not change for changing resolutions. If you do, the linking may fail. For that reason, only turn on multiple resolutions capturing if it's important for the demo you are creating.

  • Capturing Experience: When capturing screens with Multiple resolutions capturing turned on, there will be a slight “tremor” to the screen, this is expected while the various resolutions are switched on and captured.

How to set up multiple resolution capturing?

  • Open the Walnut extension.

  • Click on Options in the extension header.

  • Toggle on Multi Resolution Capturing.

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