It’s easier than ever to collaborate with your team and track key details of each Demo and Storyline within the Demo Library.

Simply click on each Demo or Storyline and a side panel will open up to provide you with some more information and capabilities.

Using the side panel, you can:

  • Collaborate: Invite colleagues to edit or comment on each demo. This’ll help make sure everyone stays in the loop. Just FYI, if you tag a teammate on a private Storyline, you’ll be able to make them a Collaborator, which means they can edit the Storyline.

  • Add context: See who created each Storyline or Demo, when they were built, and a short description. You can also see which Storyline created which Demos and other Demos created from that Storyline.

  • Promise consistency & efficiency: Avoid creating the same Demo twice, track unique elements within each Storyline and Demo, and ease the hand-off between your teammates.

Walnut tip: To make the most of your Storylines and Demos, make sure they are public.

Why is my side panel closed?

There are two reasons why it can be closed.

  1. You opened the menu on the left, which automatically closed the side panel

  2. You clicked on the X button

There are 3 tabs in the side panel that each provide different options. You can learn more about each tab in the sections below.

  1. Details: This tab will provide you with key information.

  2. Edits: Here you’ll see the special features that are included, like Variables and Guides.

  3. Comments: In this tab you can comment on the Demo or Storyline or tag teammates.

Details Tab: Gain information and context about a Demo or Storyline

The first tab in the side panel is called “Details”. Here you can gather loads of information about this specific Demo or Storyline.

Information you can gather from the Details tab

  • The Demo or Storyline’s name given by the owner

  • Which Storyline created this Demo, or which Demos were created from this Storyline

  • Related Demos: What other Demos were created from that Storyline

  • Who created the Demo or Storyline

  • When the Demo or Storyline was created

  • When it was last modified

  • All tags associated with this demo, if relevant

  • Demo description

Help your teammates understand what this demo is about

You can add a short description explaining what the demo is about, who should use it, and when. Note that only teammates with Creator permissions can edit the description.

How can I add the demo description?

If you haven’t added the description yet, you’ll find an empty state that will guide you to add one.

Edits Tab: Track special features within the demo

To see which special features were used when this Demo or Storyline was created, you can click on the “Edits” tab. This will show you whether any Guides or Variables have been included. In Storylines, you’ll also be able to see whether any Smart Objects were used.

What you can see from the Edits tab

  • Variables:

    • All the Variables that are included in the Demo or Storyline, including a description and the details that have been added.

    • Indication whether they are text or image Variables.

    • The slot will be empty if the Demo or Storyline doesn’t include Variables
      (You can learn how Variables can improve your demo quality here).

  • Guides:

    • A list of all Guides included the Demo or Storyline, and the number of annotations inside each.

    • The slot will be empty if the Demo or Storyline doesn’t include Guides .

  • Smart Objects:

    • The Smart Objects that were used to edit the Storyline and the number of screens it appears on.

    • The slot will be empty if the Storyline doesn’t include Smart Objects.

Comments Tab: Gather feedback or comment on Demos

To see comments on your Demo or Storyline, or to add your own, click on the third tab in the side panel, which is called “Comments”.

In this tab, you’ll see the comment feed, which will tell you who commented and when they left the comment.

How can I comment on tabs?

The option to comment is open to all users, no matter what their permissions are.

How can I see all the comments?

You will see all comments added to this Demo or Storyline, sorted by the oldest first.

Where can I find older comments?

In case there are many comments, you can scroll up to find older ones.

Can I tag a teammate in the comments?

Yes you can!

  • Open the comment tab

  • Add a mention using the “@” symbol, and just pick the relevant colleague from the list. They will receive email notification that they have been tagged by you in the comment. The email will include a link so they simply need to click the link to open the comment.

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