What are Variables?

Variables are an easy and fast way to personalize your demos without having to edit a Storyline for each prospect. Now, with Walnut, you can define images and text fields as Variables, so whenever you or someone else from your team is about to create a demo, you can change the values in these Variables without having to directly edit the Storyline.

Variables is our latest solution to creating multiple personalized demos out of a single Storyline, without the stress of a large number of people editing it.

Used by the whole team

Variables let your team work together like never before.

After the creator of the product demo sets different elements as Variables, the demo can then be easily copied and customized by other members of the team for their specific needs. This allows everyone else in your company with presenter, editor, or admin permissions to create personalized demos without having to edit the Storyline.

How to set a Variable

1. Select the element, text field, or image you’d like to set as a Variable and click the three dots to open the menu.

2. In the menu, go to “Set as Variable” and click on “New Text Variable” for a text element, or “New Image Variable” for an image element.

set variable walnut

3. In the modal, choose a new Variable name, description and, if needed, change the default value and click “Done” to create the new Variable.

4. The page will then update accordingly and the default value will be shown. When hovering on the Variable in the editor you’ll be able to see a purple tag with the Variable’s name.

Remove variable walnut

How to remove a Variable

  1. Select the element you want to remove and click the three dots to open the menu.

  2. In the menu, select “Remove Variable”.

How to apply an existing Variable to another image or text field

You can also apply a Variable (for example, a company logo) to several locations so they will all show the same customized value.

  1. Create the new Variable.

  2. Once the new Variable is created, select any element in the Storyline you’d like to apply the Variable to.

  3. Tap the three dots menu and go to “Set as Variable”.

  4. Choose the relevant Variable from the list.

  5. Your view will update accordingly and the default value will be shown.

Apply variable on walnut

How to personalize demo with Variables

Once you’ve set up your Storyline with Variables, customizing your demos is easy. Each time you create or update a demo, you’ll be able to set the value for each Variable using the Demo Customization Wizard. The wizard will be launched automatically each time you publish a Storyline that includes Variables.

Changes you’ll make to your Storyline afterwards won’t impact your demo, so you can safely share it with your prospects.

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