Now you can create Smart Objects from the editor and apply them to other screens with a single click!

What is a Smart Object?

Any element or group of elements, with its edits, that share the same parent (meaning they are part of the same group of elements) can turn into Smart Objects.

The most popular case would be menus that repeat on many screens within almost any storyline.

Once you select the group of elements (e.g. menu) with its edits (i.e. text edits, image replacements, and links), you'll be able to apply these changes with a single click to any screen that has this group of elements in it.

How to create and apply Smart Objects

  1. Start by editing the elements you’d like to set as Smart Objects

    • Modify the content and/or style

    • Link it to the relevant screens

  2. Select the parent element (It's the one containing all the child elements like buttons, text, etc.). This will act as our Smart Objects, grouping together all the elements inside of it.

    An example showing how to select the parent element
  3. Click the three dots and then Create Smart Object

  4. Go to another screen that contains the same component/group of elements

  5. Apply the Smart Object on this screen

    • When hovering on the smart object you’ll be able to see a purple rectangle on the screen’s stage that is presented if the algorithm identified the Smart Object

    • Click on the Smart Object to apply it to the screen

6. Click Save.

How to update a Smart Object

Once a Smart Object has been applied to a screen, you can still make changes to the content within it. These edits will affect any of the other screens where that Smart Object has been applied.

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