Paid Feature - Please contact your CSM to enable Custom Domains.

Custom domains allow you to serve Walnut demos behind your domain.


To set up a custom domain, you need:

  • Access to your site DNS settings

Set up

  1. Set up a CNAME DNS record that points to (as seen below - literally!!!):

    Do not use "your-domain"


  2. Send an email to Walnut support, asking to set up a custom domain, using this template.


This is {person} from {company}.
I would like to configure a custom domain(s) and have finished the DNS configuration:


3. Once setup is complete Walnut will send an email letting you know you can begin using custom demo URLs.


Q: Will my demo be served securely, over HTTPS connection?

A: Yes, once a CNAME record is in-place, our systems will provision a valid SSL certificate and the demos will be served securely using TLS 1.2.

Q: What would be the new URL, using custom domain?

A: The URL would remain as it was, changing the hostname i.e =>

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