Please note that this feature used to be called “Dynamic Tokens”

To add dynamic date to your product demo, follow these steps:

1. Open Walnut’s editor.

2. Click on the element you'd like to change to a dynamic date and click the three dots to open the menu.

3. In the menu, go to “Set as Variable” and click on “Dynamic Date”.

4. In the modal, choose the date format you’d like to use. You can also apply relative modifiers to offset the date that will be shown in your Live Demo. Then tap “Done” to add the dynamic date.

5. Once applied, you’ll notice an editing indication on the relevant text field. When hovering on that element you’ll be able to see a purple tag with an indication that a dynamic date has been applied.

How to remove a dynamic date:

1. Select the element you want to remove the dynamic date from and click the three dots to open the menu.

2. In the menu, select “Remove Variable”.

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