Glad you asked! There are many ways of presenting a product demo: Marketing demo videos, sales pre-recorded videos, product demo presentations, live product demos, and interactive product demos. Each of them has its pros and cons. But demo software like Walnut let you create demos that are:

  • Personalized: Walnut lets you customize your demo without coding.

  • Focused: You can tailor your demo to meet the customers’ pains.

  • Scalable: Once you’ve created one demo “template”, duplicate (and edit) your demos easily.

  • Time and resource-saving: No dependency on other teams. No time wasted on recording and other technical aspects.

  • Interactive: Your demo is fully interactive and your prospects can try it at any time, anywhere. Share a link with them or embed it in your marketing materials and let them play with your product.

  • Insightful: You can collect insights about your demo usage and optimize it for each prospect.

  • Failure-free: Since the demos happen in an encapsulated environment.

So next question: What's the unicity of Walnut in comparison with other similar solutions?

Well, there is no similar solution.

Walnut is the first Sales Experience Platform that makes the B2B sales process personalized, consistent, and efficient for prospects. The platform provides embed, sharing, and collaboration tools allowing prospects to interact with the demos as they land on a website, receive a custom link via email, and even collaborate with the sales team (or internally) on the demo creation to ensure the product addresses their unique needs - at any stage of the sales process. This customer-centric approach to the sales process is what makes the Walnut platform one-of-its-kind.

Check this video to learn more:

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